UoM104: Lazy-Ass Card-playing Nurses, Race War LONG over, and Sri Lanka Bombings

Lazy-ass Nurses sitting around playing cards all day, and Senator Maureen Walsh isn’t pleased. @AOC, who had PLENTY to say about #ChristChurchAttck, has nothing to say about #SriLankaBombings. And PROOF that the race war has been over for a LONG time! Tonight on Unframe of Mind

Cowfart Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t76QOhKvoHg

Card Playing Nurses: From Nurse Practitioner: A day in the life of a nurse/nurse practitioner includes dealing with 4-6 patients at a time they are asking for pain meds, bed adjusted, a pillow, a blanket, drink, food, and then family demanding food drinks and answers for their questions as well.  It requires us to go hours without a restroom break and most of the time our meals are done by bites between patient demands or none at all. Not only do you have the patient and family demands and questions you also have other staff needing things done for the patient such as labwork, physician or NP orders, radiology etc.  We may look like we sit at the desk and play cards but we are sitting there to get the crazy amount of charting that is required done.

Easter Bombing; AOC Silent: After posting 14 times on the Christchurch killer, responsible for 50 deaths, AOC says 0 about Sri Lanka Christian bombings where it’s reported at least 290 died. Doesn’t fit narrative, must avoid acknowledging existence.

Kate Smith Song -  Proof that the race war is LONG over and done. 80 years ago racist song. Been dead for 30

12 Rules paragraph: Pg 198


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