UoM093: Make Hip-Hop Great Again! - with UK-based Recording Artist Zuby - (Blockchain Future Development)

Make Hip-Hop Great Again! At least that's what UK-based Recording Hip-Hop/Rap artist Zuby is doing. I listened to some of his work and find that I still can love Rap. In this discussion, we talk about politics, people's perceptions of politics, and the ideas/potentials that cryptocurrency and blockchain future development technology represent. We discuss how Jordan B Peterson is inspiring me to clean my room, and more!


Twitter: https://twitter.com/zubymusic

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Main website: http://zubymusic.com

Merch website: http://teamzuby.com

Hip-hop artist, outspoken lyricist, college graduate, self-employed, independent artist, and recently, podcaster. That’s just a short list of the awesome range of skills today’s guest has.

He goes by British rapper Zuby and according to his website, he is outspoken, authentic and self-assured, He is a hip-hop artist who doesn’t shy away from expressing his perspective. Every lyric, chorus and statement proudly proclaims his beliefs - with a rare honesty that is refreshing, compelling and inspiring. It was Zuby’s outspoken nature that intrigued me when I first encountered one of his tweets as it came across my feed. It said:

“I'm not even American but the vile stuff I see spewed by (verified) Democrats all over Twitter each day makes me wish I could vote Republican. They've fully lost the plot and their minds. Give it a rest. #WalkAway”

What’s that like, dealing with the left-wing drive in the music industry?

Perseverance: “I gave you 12 rules for life and kept my room clean / I’m the Jordan Peterson of rap.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9F_xQW8ego

Cryptocurrently: First (serious) song I’ve ever heard about Crypto. Well done!


The UK, Brexit, immigration issues?
Opening for TechN9ne… what was that like?

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