UoM081: EPIC BATTLE! Cory Truax - Christian, Conservative, Anti-Trumper - How to Disagree Peacefully - @unframeofmind

In today’s divided world, is it really possible to have actual conversations and debates—disagreements even—with people in our lives? My guest today seems to think so. If I wasn’t so offended by his clearly terrible assertion that civil discourse is possible, I might actually agree with him. But, just the fact that he has an opinion is incredibly offensive to us, and Anthony and I are ready to do battle: today on the Unframe of Mind show.

Cory is a self-proclaimed Christian conservative, and host of the impressively-creative-and-original titled Cory Truax Show. His show covers many similar topics to our own, such as culture, theology, politics, and philosophy. He also covers sports, but we won’t hold that against him.

He pitched the idea of discussing the nature of conversation, debate, and discourse in today’s divided world; and how it’s still possible for people to disagree on subjects without tearing each other a new one. This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart, and perhaps we can model this phenomena for you on tonight’s show of the Unframe of Mind show. Welcome to the show Cory!


- Value of consuming antagonistic sources for information and news.

- The unimportance of elections; specifically this last midterm.

- Decentralization of power as a potential solution and what that might look like.

- Pagan influences over Christmas

- Cory attempts a definition of Atheist

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