UoM021: Say No to "Christianese" with Carol Graham

In this episode, we discuss “Christianese” and how it’s ruining any chance for communicating with those who are “outside” the belief system by speaking a language only other Christians understand. We also discuss the value of going through intense struggles and coming out the other side stronger; not giving into your “victimhood” status.
Carol is an award-winning author, podcaster, and collector of amazing and extraordinary stories of hardship and survival. On her podcast, “Never EVER Give up Hope,” Carol interviews ordinary people who have survived some incredible and extreme circumstances.
Do you want to succeed? Need to be inspired? Want to be a victor instead of a victim? Are you looking for coping mechanisms? This show shares stories of everyday people who refused to give up hope in the middle of insurmountable circumstances; people who have transformed their lives and want to give you their secrets of success. Their message is one of hope, encouragement, laughter and inspiration. No subject is off limits, i.e. abuse, failure, health issues, depression, coping with stress.
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