Our Friends, Hogatha and Dia, Need Our Help!

For those of you who have been following along, I think you’d agree… This dispute between Dia and Hogatha has gotten out of hand! For those who don’t know what I’m referring too, here’s a brief recap.

Disclaimer: I might be biased on this issue since I call both of these fine young ladies my friend.

It started when Anthony and I were introduced to a new friend, Hogatha Cysty, and decided to have her on the show to tell us more about her background, her way of life, and her points of view. As different as they were, we all got along splendidly and have become lifelong friends thereafter.

Next, our long-time friend, Dia Beltran, asked me to introduce her to our new friend Hogatha.

After researching Dia’s video back-catalog, Hogatha was open to meeting her, so I set up the meeting. Hogatha then agreed to be on Dia’s show to have a similar discussion. What took place next made Nightmare on Elm Street look like a children’s morning cartoon!

It was apparent that we were all about to see a side of Dia and Hogatha they both kept hidden deep within themselves. Something insidious and dark, petty, and immature; the kind of behavior you only typically see in the comments section of a CNN article… back when CNN had a comments section.

I guess I should have seen it coming, considering their backgrounds. Hogatha is a self-described far-left transgendered anti-Trump skincare-queer activist, and Dia is an extreme far-right homophobic God-loving bigoted ethno-nationalist Aussie political commentator and literally a Nazi, but we still love her!

First, Dia began by asking some rather intrusive questions of Hogatha on her show, like, “do you sit down or stand up to pee?” and “Were you sexually molested as a child or something?” Dia straight-out refused to use Hogatha’s preferred gender pronouns and even called her Hogwarts! See the rest of the show here:

After the interview, Hogatha took to her own channel, to call out Dia on her rude treatment of her. Stating: “She was extremely rude. I wasn’t going to let her erase me!” She described her interview experience as “combative” and a “rape.”

In an attempt to smooth things over, Dia called Hogatha to apologize. She even left a nice comment on Hogatha’s video, stating “Love you Hogatha.”

love you dia.jpg

In a shocking response, Hogatha then moved to gain the sympathy of her social media audience; claiming that Dia’s apology call was nothing more than another attack. She ended her social media message with all caps, stating, “SCREW YOU SENORITA BELTRAN!,” trying to take a stab at Dia’s ethnicity.


Hogatha went on to find evidence of Dia’s clear and present racism, calling out her interview with Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, “a self-loathing black man who supports Trump.”


In response, Dia called Hogatha out for her blatant lies; accusing her of slander. The feud was clearly heating up. It was getting brutal. Dia was threatening to release their private call!


And the threats kept coming. But things didn’t seem to be cooling down.


Then, in a final effort to try and save her reputation, Dia actually did the unthinkable. She posted the private call in which she apologized to Hogatha for the way she treated her on her live show. The call ends with a furious Hogatha making wild assumptions about Dia’s intentions and violently hanging up.

And that brings us to today. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the entire thing is satire (it is), a complete farce (it is), a bizarre and completely made up series of events (it totally is)! My two friends are fighting and I don’t like it. If you read this far, congratulations for doing your due diligence. Just play along. Don’t tell anyone. Make them work for it.

I feel responsible for this entire thing. I should have seen this coming, but then again, I guess you never can tell who your friends really are until the rubber meets the road.

So today, I’m calling on my two friends to come back on the Unframe of Mind show to settle their differences. I hope they see this and agree to come iron things out; to see that they are not so different after all.

Hogatha and Dia.jpg