Mueller Probe Win for DEMS - even though they “LOST”

After news Monday that the Mueller probe concluded there was no collusion, those on the right seem to think the left has shot themselves in the foot. They have spent the better part of the last week celebrating their “victory.” While the initial announcement was a moment for the right to gloat, it was only a small battle won—not the war. This was nowhere near a major win for anyone except the Democrats, the Deep State, and their Media puppets. (NOTE: Video and podcast version below article)

Let me explain:

  1. It was much better for the left there was never a “smoking gun.” Dragging it out over two years proved incredibly beneficial for the left. To find any major evidence early on would have had this investigation wrapped up and out of public consciousness way too early. Instead, they were allowed to spend over two years convincing people of the lie. How much time did people invest in this version of “reality?” Moreover, how hard is it to change people’s beliefs? People would rather double down on falsehoods than admit they were wrong.

  2. Plausible deniability. After the Mueller report came out, one of the first things we heard from many die-hards on the left (predictably) was this sentiment: Just because Mueller said there was no evidence didn’t mean Trump did not collude with the Russians, right? It leaves enough wiggle room for people to convincingly claim that Trump is still guilty.

  3. Another effect of dragging the investigation out was for the opportunity for impeachment via obstruction of justice. Accusing Trump of investigation interference would have been enough for the Left to begin impeachment proceedings, and the longer they could keep up this farce, the better their chances of pinning Trump with obstruction of justice.

  4. Media will continue on “business as usual;” zero apologies, zero admissions of guilt or wrongdoing. No surprises here.

  5. Nobody will go to jail. Nobody will be held accountable. Nobody will lose their job. This means that they can (and likely will) try again; especially if there are no repercussions for their actions.

  6. Media will cover it for about five minutes. The Right’s illusion of victory will last only long enough to be buried under the next “world-ending” Trump scandal. In this case, it was probably, “Hey look! Smollett is off the hook!”

  7. No evidence is better for the left than conclusive evidence. If the Mueller report did end up showing this ever-elusive “smoking gun,” or if there was evidence that proved Trump 100% innocent, it would have made them look foolish. People on the left would ask why the Special Council didn’t come out with this evidence sooner so we could move forward with impeachment proceedings and get Hillary into her rightful spot. They’ll wonder why did we spend so much money for an investigation that clearly didn’t need to go on for so long.

  8. The Democrats and mainstream media spent the last two years calling people idiots if they couldn’t see the indisputable proof. It was so obvious, so clear, they said, that anyone who couldn’t see it was obviously hiding behind their cognitive biases. People don’t like to be idiots.

  9. The damage has already been done. Relationships have already been wrecked. People are already divided. How would you feel toward someone who spent the last two years accusing you of some shit you know you didn’t do?

  10. The dying media giants were kept afloat on the wave of so-called Trump “scandals.” Media corporations gobbled up more money, clicks, traffic, attention, and relevancy than they could have ever dreamed of.

  11. The deadening effect of the Mueller probe scared quality people from working with Trump. So many good people were taken down in the combine harvester—families destroyed, lies told—that nobody with any brains has any desire to go anywhere near potential employment in the Trump White House.

In a perfect world, there would be apologies, admissions of guilt, self-reflection, etc. Because fundamentally the battle was never between Trump and the “concerned” American people. This was a battle between the winners of the last election and those who can’t admit they were wrong; those who can’t get over the fact they lost and are frantically trying to find other reasons for their loss.

My advice: Right now would be a great moment to take stock of your current relationships and purge those who cannot and will not admit they were wrong. If you have people in your life who cannot seem to face reality, there is a useful button on all your social media channels that says “Block.”

Here’s the Wednesday Live stream where we discussed this piece: