UoM023: How to give up control without giving it away with Dr. Clete Bulach

With a huge interest in school climate and culture and their effects on student achievement, Dr. Clete Bulach has created The Professional Development and Assessment Center; providing training to improve leadership skills, conflict management, and group management.

This episode is jam-packed with awesome tools and techniques for giving away control without losing control; including a 3x5 card technique that anyone can do.

We also cover different types of power, coercive as well as freeing forms of power, as well as how you can implement them in your own sphere of influence.

How to give kids control without giving up your own control.

How to handle bullies in today’s school environment. Hint: You can’t just fight back anymore

Some leading causes of low test scores in children

  1. Discipline - How much time is wasted of each class interrupted with teachers having to discipline disruptive students? According to Dr. Bulach, around an average of 30 days per school year is wasted with getting the class back on track.

  2. Churn - Teachers do not stick around for long once they figure out how little actual teaching is going on in their classrooms. With too much stress, poor culture and climate, constant interruptions in the classroom, teachers are leaving between years 3-5.

  3. Anxiety and Fear - Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is not valued and implemented within the school environment. Basic needs of security and safety are not met for most students.

  4. Parent Involvement -  The huge lack of parental involvement in their children's schooling creates an environment for students that negatively impacts test scores.

  5. Openness and Trust - Teachers are not open and trusting with each other or their administration or their students.

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