Can you break free from your ideological cage?

Can you break free from your ideological cage?

Being exposed to new ideas can be incredibly disorienting.

I’ve been there.

It was just a few years ago that a friend of mine was coming at me with some completely absurd ideas. Ideas that made some logical sense, but did not flow in perfect unison to my previously held beliefs about how the world really works.

But, open-minded, I listened. I challenged him. He challenged me in return. We spoke at length about society, religion, politics, history, and the way in which everything is interconnected. We pushed back and forth, each of us seemingly struggling to get a firm foothold in reality; wherever the hell that is.

It was this back and forth that became the catalyst for the huge personal growth that followed.

As disorienting as this was, it was worth every wobbly step I took as I explored new ideas that were so far outside my normal box that I briefly forgot what a box even was.

Now, I want to bring these kinds of conversations to you.

However, there are a lot of people out there who have this tendency to try and stuff themselves into these ideological boxes. A box called Republican. A box called Feminist. A box called “insert label here.” Regardless of the name it’s given, they hold tight to as many of the ideas associated with that box as they can, even if those ideas are in direct opposition to one another.

It’s incredibly difficult to break free of these ideological cages. They become more than what we believe. They become who we are!

So I challenge you not to believe everything you see and hear. Don’t expect the mainstream media to deliver you truth. Don’t expect the government schools to deliver you truth. Don’t even expect your friends and family to deliver you complete, unbiased, objective truth.

In return, I fully expect and encourage you to challenge us on our ideas as well – to hold our feet to the flames when things don’t seem to add up.

Now, I completely understand that most of you are incredibly busy and don’t have the time to fact-check everything. Perhaps you have full time jobs, kids, bills to pay, educations to obtain. I know it’s hard to constantly sift through the firehose of information that keeps coming at us day after day. But, it’s my goal to bring you the most important topics; especially the ones that you won’t hear about from the mainstream sources.

However, I don’t want this show to be just another news source. I want this show to be a conversation.

A conversation where we discuss challenging and uncomfortable issues and topics.

A conversation where we take away that security blanket – that frame of mind we’ve been carrying around with us since we were too young to think for ourselves.

A conversation where we can hold each other accountable and perhaps even move society overall in a positive direction.