9 Reasons Your Computer is Sexist AF

Attention ladies!

Despite all the progress we’ve made, the battle for equality is far from over. When the first women began their mission, they had no idea how deep the patriarchy and toxic masculinity really went. The vile male-driven society has been so pervasive that it still affects the very electronic devices we use today!

I’m talking about sexist computers.

Built right into these devices are the dog whistles to every proud misogynist; begging them to unravel any progress made by our fore-mothers in the fight for equality.

The following illuminates 9 ways these sexist devices perpetuate the patriarchy.

1. Male/ Female Connections: This was first brought to my attention in an article featuring a college student who was bravely pointing out how offensive male/female electrical plugs and connections were. She said, “Every time I am forced to plug something in, I am reminded of the oppressive rape culture we all live in.”

And she was right!

What better way to deliver the message that the only way to gain power is through rape-like actions. This has to stop! There has to be another way to power your devices.

2. Motherboards: It may not be super obvious at first, but the naming of the motherboard is as insidious as it gets. The motherboard is the central point of contact for every other part of a computer. You might ask, “but Daniel, what’s so oppressive about a motherboard?” On the surface, you might have a point.  But...

Oppressive Computer 1.jpg

One only needs to devote 10 seconds of thought to discover why.

First of all, even though the motherboard is arguably the most important part of any of these devices, look where it’s located!

You would think a part as important as a motherboard would be displayed in such a place where she could always been seen and respected for the value she brings. Instead, she is hidden away deep in the bowels of these masculine devices.

Motherboards are always imprisoned by cold metal cases, as if to say, “she isn’t strong enough to protect herself. She’s too weak. We need to protect this poor, defenseless motherboard.”

Some of these cases even come with glass windows; obviously a reference to the very-real glass ceiling that women are constantly trying to break through in the workplace. 

trump really is a racist.png

3. Nuts: this particular reference isn’t even subtle! It’s more obvious than Agent Orange (45) literally tweeting, “Alright guys, you got me… I’m a racist.” 

Everyone knows what part of the male anatomy this glorifies. As if to say that men are the only ones who can hold everything together.

Have you ever heard of a fastener named after the female anatomy? Exactly!

This is yet another example of how this male dominated culture has worked its slimy tentacles into every aspect of our lives.

4. Washers: The term 'washers' highlights female stereotypes. Notice how nuts and bolts are always rubbing up against the washers. Ew!

Oppressive Computer 2.jpg

5. Monitor: Men are so desperate to control women that they have named the viewing device a “monitor.” This was included so that men could always keep a close eye on what the motherboard is doing; in case she decides to step out of line.

It’s because of things like this that women everywhere are afraid to stand up to men; to act out of accordance with their idea of society. We’re always being watched. Always!

6. RAM: Just gross! No comment. #rapeculture

7. Hard Drive: Again, gross! No comment.

8. USB Ports and Headphone/Mic Jack: Always fascinated with sticking things into holes without permission, men have designed these devices with one thing in mind. The only method you have for interacting with these devices is to shove your input devices into the different ports and audio jacks.


9. Mouse: Let’s face it. Men are assholes.

In a despicable attempt to prevent young women from using computers, they named one of the key input devices a “mouse.” They could have called it anything else. A clicker, a pointer, a puppy, a kitten, etc. But no!

Oppressive Computer 3.jpg

They know how deathly afraid women are of mice. It’s not fair!

Additionally, look at the very design of the mouse. Ever hear the sexual reference “double-clicking her mouse?” Of course you have! This is because the computer mouse is cleverly designed to simulate fondling female genitalia. It’s barbaric!


The longer you look at this stuff, the more obvious it becomes. It is quite revolting how the very devices I need to type this article for you are drenched in male chauvinism. But I am staying strong for you.

Don’t be fooled, dear ladies, about how close society might think we are to achieving equality for all. We have a long and arduous road ahead of us.

Next time you use your computer, your smartphone, or any other device created by men, make sure to educate yourself on the vocabulary of the hardware (another penile reference), and ask yourself: Are we really equal yet?