UoM028: 3 Mistakes In Extremism That Make You Look Dumb

Be aware of dividing words like “extreme”

How does being called “extreme” make you feel?
How does calling someone “extreme” make you feel?

Using “Extreme” to discredit your opponent
For example: Extreme Left, Extreme Right, Muslim Extremist, Christian Extremist, etc.
When I hear that, I hear, “if you follow this ideology to its logical conclusion, this is what you get.”

It’s as if people are saying there is this idea and that idea. Both of them are terrible ideas in their “extreme” form, and perfection is found somewhere in the middle.

You know what that’s called? A false dichotomy, and it keeps people from identifying and considering alternative ideas.

Know what you’ve never heard of? An “extreme” mathematician. 

You’ve never heard of an “extreme” cartographer either. When mapping the world, it’s either right, or it’s wrong.

This is why it’s important to break apart different ideologies into their individual component parts and evaluate them from first principles.


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